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Whether your goal is to ride for the love of the sport, or to become a world class competitor, you will find the program to fit your needs at Ball Performance Horses. We offer a range of programs from beginner lessons (riders ages 3 and up) to full training for horse and rider. Quality lesson horses may also be available for customized lease options. Our western riding program focuses on safety, developing confidence, instilling good sportsmanship and of course, having fun.

About Jan Ball

Jan Ball has been training champion horses and riders on the Palos Verdes Peninsula since 1973. An accomplished rider herself, Jan has won many national championships, including the acclaimed Cow Palace Grand Nationals Trail Event, in San Francisco, California. Jan began her training with top trainers Sharon McKay and Rod Kelly, and continues her education by attending clinics and consulting with the country's most renowned coaches.

As a trainer, Jan's caring guidance has led many of her riders to professional status and to international and national championships. Jan is just as passionate about helping students lope for the first time or assisting pony campers take their first ride. In addition to her coaching, Jan has been a 4H leader, serves on the Pacific Coast Horse Show Association (PCHA) board and the Los Serranos Awards Circuit (LSAC) Board. Jan was recently inducted into the SBNHS Hall of Fame. Jan has been awarded Orange Co. Interscholastic Equestrian League (IEL) Trainer of the Year for the years 2001 through 2016.

Cow Palace, 1989


  • 2016 LSAC Year End Champions
    • Emma Kopp - Res. Champion Limit Trail, Limit Pleasure, Overall Champion Limit Rider
    • Ivana Rose Kubr - Res. Champion Maiden Pleasure, Maiden Horsemanship, Overall Res. Champion Maiden Rider
    • Lucy Chapman - Champion Youth Horsemanship, Y/A Horsemanship
    • Delaney Neal - Champion Maiden Trail, Maiden Horsemanship, Maiden Pleasure, Overall Champion Maiden Rider
    • Mia Arriola - Champion Limit Trail, Preliminary Horsemanship, Res. Champion Limit Horsemanship

  • 2015 PCHA Year End Champions
    • Lucy Chapman - Res. Champion Youth Horsemanship, Youth Trail
    • Erin Wolf - Champion Youth Horsemanship
    • Kristen Raig - Champion Basic Pleasure, Basic Horsemanship, Basic Trail, Y/A Pleasure, Y/A Horsemanship
      • Winner, Linda Baker Memorial Award (High Score Amateur)
      • Winner, "Cue Stick" Memorial Award (High Score Pleasure Horse)

  • 2015-16 IEL Year End Champions
    • Mia Arriola - Res. Champion Novice Horsemanship, Res. Champion Medal Finals
    • Emma Kopp - Champion Novice Pleasure, Res. Champion Novice Trail, Res. Overall Champion Individual Novice Rider
    • Lucy Chapman - Champion Trail, Res. Champion Showmanship, Pleasure, Horsemanship, Res. Overall Champion Individual Rider

  • 2015 LSAC Year End Champions
    • Lucy Chapman - Champion Youth Trail, Res. Champion Y/A Trail, Y/A Horsemanship, Youth Horsemanship
      • Winner, Sue Smith Memorial Perpetual (High Score Youth Rider)
    • Mia Arriola - Champion Maiden Trail, Res. Overall Champion Maiden Rider
    • Kristen Raig - Champion Basic Pleasure, Basic Horsemanship, Res. Champion Basic Trail, Y/A Horsemanship,
      Overall Champion Amateur Rider, Overall Res. Champion Basic Rider
    • Erin Wolf - Champion Youth Horsemanship, Res. Champion Youth Trail, Y/A Pleasure,
      Overall Champion Youth 11 & Under, Youth 18 & Under

  • 2014 PCHA Year End Champions
    • Kristen Raig - Champion Limit Pleasure, Limit Trail, Limit Horsemanship
    • Lucy Chapman - Champion Youth Trail, Youth Horsemanship, Res. Champion Y/A Horsemanship
    • Erin Wolf - Champion Y/A Pleasure, Res. Champion Youth Horsemanship
    • Jan Ball - Champion Green Train "Fancy Me Only"
      • Winner, "Little Storm Cloud" Perpetual Trophy (High Score Green Trail Horse)

  • 2014 LSAC Year End Champions
    • Lucy Chapman - Champion Youth Trail, Youth Horsemanship, Overall Champion Youth Rider
    • Erin Wolf - Res. Champion Youth Pleasure, Y/A Pleasure, Youth Horsemanship, Overall Champion 11 & Under Rider

  • 2013 PCHA Year End Champions
    • Lucy Champman - High Score Youth Western Rider
      • Winner, Mildred Oker Memorial Trophy
    • Trish Harik - Res. Champion Horsemanship A/A
    • Lucy Chapman - High Score Youth Trail
      • Winner, Little Storm Cloud Memorial Perpetual Trophy
    • Jan Ball - Res. Champion Green Trail "Fancy Me Only"

  • 2013 IEL (Interscholastic Equestrian League) Year End Champions
    • Ellie Oldroyd - Novice Medals Finals Champion, Novice High Point Western Rider,
      Overall Western High Point Res. Champion Rider
    • Erin Wolf - Medal Finals Champion, Western High Point Res. Champion
    • Lucy Chapman - Medal Finals Res. Champion, Overall Western High Point Champion

  • 2013 Del Mar National
    • Lucy Chapman - High scoring PCHA Trail and Pleasure Rider, 13 & under
      • Winner, "Fifty's Flashy Cat" Memorial Perpetual Trophy
      • Winner, Lyn Reinhart Memorial Perpetual Trophy
    • Jan Ball - Res. Show Champion Green Trail "Fancy Me Only"

  • 2012 PCHA Year End Champion
    • Sally Watanabe - Youth Horsemanship, Youth Trail

  • 2011 AQHA Youth World Championship Qualifier
    • Marley Mainwaring - Western Riding, Performance Halter

  • 2010 AQHA Youth World Championship Qualifiers
    • Sophia Harik - Horsemanship
    • Jeanne McNerney - Trail
    • Marley Mainwaring - Alternate, Western Pleasure

  • 2010 NSBA World Championship Qualifier
    • Marley Mainwaring - Western Pleasure, Horsemanship

  • 2009 AQHA Youth World Championship - Oklahoma City, OK
    • Sophia Harik - Trail - 18th Place (Highest Scoring Californian)

  • AQHA Congress Champions & Top Ten Winners, Columbus, Ohio
    • 2003 Savannah Neveux: Top Five - Trail
    • 2005 Jenna Sawyer: Champion - Horsemanship, Top Five - Trail
    • 2007 Sophia Harik: Champion - Trail, Top Ten - Horsemanship
    • 2007 Shelby Tsuji: Top Ten - Trail
    • 2009 Marley Mainwaring: Top Ten - Trail
    • 2009 Jeanne McNerney: Top Five - Western Riding
    • 2010 Marley Mainwaring: Top Five - Western Riding
    • 2011 Marley Mainwaring: Top Ten - Trail

  • 2011 Glen Gimple Horsemanship Finals, Santa Barbara, CA
    • Trish Harik - Champion
    • Sally Watanabe - Res Champion

  • Clyde Kennedy Memo Stock Seat Classic, Santa Barbara, CA
    • 2010 Sally Watanabe - Champion
    • 2011 Sally Watanabe - Champion

  • 2010 AQHA Region Seven Experience - Salina, Utah
    • Marley Mainwaring - All Around Runner Up

  • 2011 AQHA Silver Dollar Circuit - Las Vegas, Nevada
    • Lucy Chapman: Champion Circuit Trail, Pleasure; Res. Champion Circuit Horsemanship
    • Marley Mainwaring: Champion Circuit - Showmanship 11 & Under, Reserve Champion Circuit - Halter Geldings 3 & Over

  • 2011 PCHA High Scoring Youth Western Rider
    • Sally Watanabe

    Equestrian Community Contributions:
    • Clinics
    • Coach for Interscholastic Equestrian League (IEL)
      • Students Elementary - High School
      • School Credit Program
    • PCHA Board of Director since 2000
    • Los Serranos Award Circuit, Board of Directors since 1979
    • Pony Camp Instructor, City of Rolling Hills Estates
    • 4H Leader